About Mobi

Embarking on our journey with Mobi was not just a business decision but a realization of a need within our own consulting endeavors. As we engaged with customers across diverse industries, we identified a significant gap in the market for collaborative ontology editors that treated these models as first-class software components. Recognizing the transformative potential of semantic knowledge graphs, we set out to bridge this gap and empower our customers to harness the full power of their data assets. Mobi emerged as our solution—a platform designed not just to meet our own needs but to elevate the capabilities of organizations worldwide in making better use of their knowledge models. 

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Elevate your Mobi experience with our specialized professional services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our expert teams are ready to assist you in seamless integration and development of custom solutions, ensuring that Mobi aligns perfectly with your specific requirements. From fine-tuning configurations to crafting bespoke solutions, our professionals bring a wealth of experience to the table. Explore our service offerings to unlock the full potential of Mobi and let us help you navigate the complexities of semantic graph integration and development. Your journey with Mobi is about to become even more tailored and efficient with our dedicated professional services at your side.

Mobi was then developed by the RealmOne Foundry team under a Phase 1 response to a Small Business Innovations Research (SBIR) Grant in 2013. The project was focused on creating a collaborative ontology system for the material science community within the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). The prototype was originally dubbed MatOnto and successfully moved onto a Phase II in 2014. The team worked to expand the tool into more of a collaborative ontology management system. As Phase II developed proceeded, the team determined that this sort of versioned collaborative editing tool was needed much more broadly than just the material science community and thus rebranded the tool as Mobi. 

As the project progressed towards the final Phase II demonstration, the Mobi platform began to gain interest and adoption from organizations such as NIST, ASM, and IOF as the platform to developing ontologies to be used broadly within their respective communities. The platform was publicly released in 2016 and has continued to gain momentum since.

Foundry maintains and cultivates multiple partnerships with other enterprise platforms and fellow semantic solution focused businesses and as such, Mobi began to be used in many different successful production customer solutions. To meet these large business needs, the team developed a premium version of the platform, dubbed Mobi Enterprise, that provided support for enterprise-ready features like Single-Sign-On (SSO) and automated vocabulary term linking.

Since its launch, the Foundry team has also successfully utilized Mobi was used as the core platform in several Phase II SBIRs with various agencies.

  • The Mobi Shared Reasoning Environment (SRE) targeting the maintenance and oversight of the Air Force acquisition lifecycle.
  • MobiFacture focused on breaking down data barriers between supplier and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

At the heart of our ethos lies a deep commitment to the open-source communities that form the backbone of our platform. Projects like Eclipse RDF4j and Apache Karaf are integral to the functionality and versatility of Mobi, and we actively engage with and contribute to these communities to foster innovation and collaboration. By leveraging open-source technologies and contributing back to the community, we not only enrich the ecosystem but also ensure that Mobi remains cutting-edge and adaptable to the evolving needs of our users. Our dedication to open-source principles underscores our belief in transparency, accessibility, and the power of collective intelligence to drive meaningful change in the world of semantic technology. Furthermore, in line with our commitment to open-source values, we continue to actively develop and expand our own open-source version of Mobi. This initiative reflects our ongoing dedication to democratizing access to advanced semantic technology and empowering developers and organizations to innovate and collaborate freely in building the next generation of knowledge-driven solutions.

Several years ago, our pivot from the SBIR space into the commercial arena marked a pivotal moment in our journey. As we transitioned, our steadfast commitment to customer success remained at the forefront of our mission. While our roots may have originated in government-funded projects, our evolution into a more purely commercial product has allowed us to expand our horizons and deliver even greater value to our customers. Today, our focus remains on enabling organizations through comprehensive solutions and personalized support, ensuring their success in a rapidly evolving landscape. With our unwavering dedication to collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity, we continue to forge ahead, empowering our customers to thrive in a world driven by data and innovation.


Open Business Solution Platform

Tap the full potential of your enterprise data to deliver fresh insights.

Collaborative Data Modeling

Bring your team or community together to create, share, and evolve data models in a modern, web-based, collaborative environment.

Automated Data Enhancement

Mobi makes it easy to integrate data into your models. The included mapping tool aligns your data to generate interoperable data without writing a single line of code.

Intuitive Data Exploration

Bundled tools make it easy to search and explore your enterprise data without the hassle of writing queries or analyzing models. Oh, and the query tools are there too.

Modular & Extensible

Pluggable backend storage solutions, open REST and Java APIs, and a plugin framework make it easy to build solutions that extend and customize the Mobi Platform to solve your business problems.

Data Solutions

Mobi brings your team and community together through data collaboration. Break down the silos, because interoperability is everything.

What is Mobi?


We have an abundance of experience working with many of the major knowledge graph platforms of the day and have successfully taken the tiniest spark of an ideas through to full production ready solutions.


Mobi is an open and collaborative knowledge graph platform for teams and communities to publish and discover data, data models, and analytics that are instantly consumable.


Recognizing the transformative potential of semantic knowledge graphs, we set out to bridge this gap and empower our customers to harness the full power of their data assets. Mobi emerged as our solution—a platform designed not just to meet our own needs but to elevate the capabilities of organizations worldwide in making better use of their knowledge models.