Consulting Services

Embark on a journey where data meets imagination, and insights become adventures with us! We don’t just offer consulting services; we’re your passport to a realm where your data unleashes its full potential. With Mobi as your guide, navigating the vast seas of information becomes a thrilling exploration, revealing hidden treasures within your enterprise’s data. Our team of intrepid data explorers, armed with cutting-edge tools and expertise in knowledge graph solutions, is ready to chart a course through uncharted territories. Imagine transforming your data ecosystem into a dynamic map, rich with interconnected insights and opportunities, waiting to be discovered. Let us set the sails for this adventure, turning your data into your most valuable asset!

Outcomes Over Outputs.

Technology is only as good the experience it delivers to the user. We value the human side of solutions.

Outputs refer to the tangible products, features, or services developed through technological processes. They are often quantifiable, such as the number of features in a software release or the completion of a project phase.

Outcomes, on the other hand, are the effects or impacts those outputs have on the real world. They relate to the achievement of broader goals, such as improved user satisfaction, increased efficiency, or the solving of a specific problem. Outcomes are about the value and difference made in people’s lives or operations of a business.

Human-Centric Approach

Designing with Empathy

  • Our emphasis on outcomes signifies a deep commitment to empathy and understanding in technology design. By prioritizing the experience technology delivers, the focus shifts to how solutions affect users emotionally, practically, and in their day-to-day activities.
  • This approach requires a profound understanding of the users’ context, needs, and challenges, ensuring that solutions are not just technically advanced but also meaningful and relevant to the people using them.

Collaboration and Co-creation

  • A key differentiator for us is the value placed on developing solutions with customers rather than for them. This collaborative approach ensures that the development process is inclusive, taking into account diverse perspectives and insights.
  • Co-creation fosters a sense of ownership and alignment with the final solution, ensuring it is more closely tailored to the real-world needs and preferences of those it is designed to serve.

In advocating for “outcomes over outputs,” the Mobi Team champions a more humane, impactful, and sustainable approach to technology development. This perspective ensures that technology serves as a bridge to better human experiences, fostering innovation that is not only advanced in its capabilities but also profound in its relevance to real-world needs and challenges. This philosophy not only sets RealmOne apart but also elevates the standard for technology development, pushing the industry towards solutions that truly make a difference.

Our Collaborative Journey to Innovation

Step 1: The Introduction - Finding Your Path

Begin your transformative journey with a simple conversation. Our introductory call isn’t just about pleasantries; it’s where we explore the unique contours of your data landscape and how our expertise might chart a course for success. We dive into your use cases with precision and care to determine how we can elevate your operations with Mobi’s robust capabilities.

Step 2: The Blueprint - Crafting a Proof of Concept

With a shared vision, we roll up our sleeves and embark on crafting a tailored proof-of-concept (POC). This multi-week sprint is about agility and insight, designed to minimalize effort while maximizing revelation. It’s where we put Mobi to the test, demonstrating the tangible benefits of our approach and technology in the real world, in real-time.

Step 3: The Partnership - Collaborative Creation

The proof-of-concept is just the beginning. As we bring the POC to life, collaboration and co-ownership become our guiding principles. Our team integrates with yours, not just as a service provider, but as a partner committed to mutual success. We steer clear of locking customers into proprietary technologies; instead, we empower you with Mobi’s open-source backbone, ensuring that freedom and adaptability are at the core of everything we build together.

Embark with Us

Every step with RealmOne is a step towards a more connected, insightful, and liberated data ecosystem. Let’s embark on this journey together – your data, our technology, a shared vision for success.

How We Help

  • Do you have unique requirements? – Of course, everyone does. Unique requirements demand a flexible approach. We apply customized solutions that complement your vision.
  • How will your solution be used? – We engage the stakeholders throughout the process to increase value and adoption.
  • How do you get there? – We are your partners providing expertise that goes well beyond implementation, helping you to realize your vision.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in this vast landscape of knowledge graph solutioning. Let the experts on our team help guide your implementation to be the most effective and efficient it can be. We’ll turn your ideas into innovations.

Our team is more than just product developers; we have developed a center of excellence in knowledge graph solution building. We have an abundance of experience working with many of the major knowledge graph platforms of the day and have successfully taken the tiniest spark of an ideas through to full production ready solutions.


Expertise in:

  • Knowledge Modeling
  • Data Transformations
  • Micro Services
  • Web Application Development
  • Systems Integrations

Semantic Layers in Support of Data Analytics

Unprecedented levels of data scale and distribution are making it almost impossible for organizations to effectively exploit their data assets. Data and analytics leaders must adopt a semantic approach to their enterprise data assets or face losing the battle for competitive advantage.  – Gartner, 2018

Data Solutions

Mobi brings your team and community together through data collaboration. Break down the silos, because interoperability is everything.

What is Mobi?


We have an abundance of experience working with many of the major knowledge graph platforms of the day and have successfully taken the tiniest spark of an ideas through to full production ready solutions.


Mobi is an open and collaborative knowledge graph platform for teams and communities to publish and discover data, data models, and analytics that are instantly consumable.


Recognizing the transformative potential of semantic knowledge graphs, we set out to bridge this gap and empower our customers to harness the full power of their data assets. Mobi emerged as our solution—a platform designed not just to meet our own needs but to elevate the capabilities of organizations worldwide in making better use of their knowledge models.