Mobi 3.0: Workflows, Unified UX, and Anzo Publishing

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Released on June 8th, 2024, version 3.0 heralds a new age for Mobi, positioning it as the platform for managing your foundational semantic artifacts for dynamic and robust knowledge graph solutions. As a major release, this version is full of enhancements and major functionality to launch your data collaboration and integration to the next level. Check out the details below!

A Unified Editing Experience

One of the standout features of Mobi 3.0 is the new unified editing experience for ontologies, vocabularies, and SHACL records. This cohesive interface significantly improves the user experience by streamlining the use of screen space and making it easier than ever to manage your semantic artifacts in one place. With a more intuitive and efficient experience, you’ll be able to focus on what truly matters—building and refining your knowledge graphs.

Introducing Workflows: Automate Your CI/CD Processes

Mobi 3.0 also marks the debut of “Workflows,” a powerful new feature in our Semantic DataOps (SemOps) offering that allows you to configure CI/CD actions in response to various triggers within the system. Whether it’s committing to the master branch or other critical events, Workflows enable you to automate key processes such as hitting external REST endpoints, ensuring your semantic data remains up-to-date and accurate. This level of automation not only enhances efficiency, but also ensures consistency and reliability across your knowledge graph experience bringing the vision of SemOps to fruition.

Enterprise Platform Integrations

As Mobi positions itself as the foundation for knowledge graph development, it’s critical to foster interaction and communication with the major enterprise knowledge graph platforms in the industry. Thus, Mobi 3.0 builds on top of its extensible publishing framework to introduce pushing ontologies and vocabularies to the popular Anzo Knowledge Graph Platform. Mobi provides the governance and change management to the essential models that power all of extensive Anzo’s data access patterns in addition to the reference vocabularies that enhance the data integration and harmonization possible through Anzo’s Graphmarts.

Why Mobi 3.0 Matters

These advancements make Mobi 3.0 a pivotal upgrade for anyone operating knowledge graphs. The unified editing experience simplifies the user experience, Workflows automates critical CI/CD processes, and Mobi Enterprise continues to build its integrations with powerful Knowledge Graph Platforms to build dynamic and robust knowledge graph solutions. Together, these features ensure that Mobi continues to empower you to achieve more with your data.

We invite you to explore Mobi 3.0 and see firsthand how these new features can enhance your semantic data management strategy. As always, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Recognizing the transformative potential of semantic knowledge graphs, we set out to bridge this gap and empower our customers to harness the full power of their data assets. Mobi emerged as our solution—a platform designed not just to meet our own needs but to elevate the capabilities of organizations worldwide in making better use of their knowledge models.